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3rd Single for Babylon Tape: This song basically breaks down the philosophy of ROM to three principles. Life, Love, Liberty. Enjoy and spread the knowledge if you like the music.

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Love. Life. Liberty. to be...
Yeah I agree.

[Verse 1]
Worthiness to live in this greatness,
Lifetime seeing hatred got the color scheme faded,
But my loyalty ain't never been shaded,
Ya'll terrible I swear, switch sides everyday,
Without a care in the world, you must be a girl,
To betray your friend then be a friend again!
In this life of sin, we throw our love in the wind,
Someone will catch the breeze, but it's live in the air,
Live on the breeze, you be a bee to be on that YOLO,
Everyone you follow be the same type,
How you maintain the hype? Stuck in the matrix,
It's real, living zombies with no authentic feel, copycat copycats
See my vision, no they won't,
Can't duplicate Wolfay's living, woo I can't see life this clear,
But here it goes I see myself in the mirror.

We live this hip-hop, we breathe that air,
Best believe they stare,
But I'm steady getting flow so what you know?
Wolfay goes for the gold, fit the scroll,

[Verse 2]
My prophecy to live my life in love,
Enjoying the liberty, to be free,
Who say I'm not who I am,
You could not be you, I love this hip-hop,
I breathe the soul, I shoot for the gold,
14k at least! you don't know the love I have for it,
I bark on a leash, got to control myself with the words I say,
Cuz in the future this'll lead my legacy,
The past transgressions I was forced to leave, no faith in me,
When all I gave you was encouragement as a consulate,
Thought we were brothers and son, that was my heart,
No broken pieces lost, fork it over for the jewels of knowledge,
More wisdom I polish, I rap for listeners, you got to think,
It ain't illegal yet, otherwise you a prisoner,
A slave to the design of society, and I love the humane people,
That's right, I do this out of love, the love ya'll, I love ya'll,

[Verse 3]
Yo, liberty. It's my right, we fought for this,
Locked up muscle fight like arthritis, so I plead on my knees,
Hope I please ya'll with this song,
My life to give and live and live with the liberty, to do right,
The final lap this is, coming down from the high horse, third verse,
Trey's my name, in Spanish it's three, trio of persona,
So complicated with the mantra, similar events happen to us all,
A mixed ball of love, confusion combined with lust,
Where is our live led to? The direction only a few know,
Live wire humble, Whoa! I take a moment to recap on all my mishaps,
Made me wiser, lyrics stronger, flow improving, in due time,
I form from a butterfly to a monster,
Fire rages inside, why do I en-cage the lion's pride?
Maybe I like only the joy to bulge, lyrical dreamer,
I wish for better dreams, themes, in this Babylon Tape to gleam.


released March 28, 2013
Produced by LegendaryBeatz



all rights reserved


Finesse' Saint Helena Island, South Carolina

Finesse' is a SC artist from St. Helena Island. He makes music to better others spirits and attitudes. ROM is the movement (Romulus Overtaking Metropolis), when you believe in ROM, you believe that old-school music is better than what they play on the radio nowadays and that style will take over in due time.

Help him out, support the music and give him feedback.
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